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Our services

For our suppliers

    • Marketing: We use our worldwide network with local knowledge and contacts to develop the market for our suppliers in any region. We work as partners with the producers, exchanging market information and with full transparency.
    • Registration: We take care of the registration of the products in any country. Our long experience gave us a vast knowledge on the different procedures and requirements for any country.
    • Promotion: We promote the products of our suppliers among our estimated customers
    • Certification: We support and advice our suppliers to get the certificates required by the different Authorities. We carry out pre-audits and give them recommendations based on our expertise.
    • Storage and distribution: Indukern has up to 18 warehouses, located in Hamburg, Moscow, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Guadalajara, Mexico DF, Sao Paulo, Basel, Nairobi…. This enables prompt dispatching to customers in over 70 countries, allowing our suppliers to save the cost and reach the medium/small size customers who need short transit time and small quantities.

For our costumers

    • Search of good sources: We look for the best source for each product and make sure that our customers will not have any quality or availability problem.
    • Audits: We carry out audits for our customers by ourselves and accompany them. In a regular basis we will visit our suppliers to make sure that everything is in order
    • Quality: It’s our first aim to manifest and extend our high quality in customer service, great selection of materials and substances and to be completely conforming to with the regulations for the substances we deal with. This means above all the regulations for the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other pharmaceutical guidelines (ICH, WHO etc.).
    • Logistics: Through our net of 18 warehouses, we allow our customers to purchase Chinese material with a short transit time and in small quantities.
    • Customs clearance: We do custom clearance of the goods and deliver to the workshop for those customers that like to purchase the products in DDP basis.

Our services